Grant Peters – Teacher

As an environmental journalist by trade and educator by passion I have carved myself a niche in the world of outdoor education as a systems thinker that approaches the challenges of achieving sound philosophical pedagogy with an unconventional toolbox. I’ve had an opportunity to learn from and share with multiple educational organizations and individuals over the last 8 years: Trackers Earth, Oregon Outdoor School, and Galileo Learning, and a handful of students with more specific needs.

My schooling culminated in a bachelor’s in journalism with a focus in environmental sciences, and a self- guided certification in environmental stewardship through macro-systemics (read as: overcomplicated ecology). Journalism as a practice has changed drastically over just the intervening years since my graduation and – in a similar way to education and the more-than-human world – those institutions that could not adapt could not progress. It is my goal to help students prepare themselves for an incomprehensibly dynamic future by encouraging curiosity, determination, and empathy.