Kyle Rector – Teacher

As a child, Kyle learned a great deal about himself and the world around him through experiences in the outdoors. During Kyle’s time at UC Santa Barbara, where he earned a B.S. in Zoology, he fostered his knowledge and appreciation for natural spaces through his involvement in an outdoors recreation program. It was here that Kyle also began his love for education as he began to teach kayaking lessons for other students and community members. Post-graduation, he began a 5 year journey working with a variety of Outdoors Education programs, from the San Juan Islands of Washington to Malibu, California before relocating to Portland where he has worked with Trackers Earth and Camp Fire Columbia, developing curriculum building skills and incorporating better group management techniques to improve the experiences of students. 

As an educator, Kyle enjoys using natural phenomena to help his students make observations and look for evidence to develop opinions about the world around them. He encourage students to develop their practical outdoors skills so they can better navigate natural spaces and gain greater respect for the environment. Kyle hopes to help his students to find inspiration in the outdoors and gain a deeper appreciation for their local wild spaces through natural studies and caring for the community by learning about it and finding ways to improve it.