Mick Miller – Teacher

I was first inspired to teach by the passion of my own teachers. Parents, coaches, and professors all instilled me with a desire to learn and to share what I had learned with others. My greatest teachers were and will always be my parents. My mom is an archeologist and museum curator, and my dad a backcountry guide. It was from them that I first found my passions for the outdoors and learning. 

Although my degree from Lewis and Clark is in History, I quickly found my way back to the Outdoors. Almost immediately after my graduation in 2018, I began teaching with Tracker’s Earth.  I believe the Outdoors is a crucial and often forgotten aspect of a well rounded education. At Trackers I gained experience with child management techniques, education strategies, and the way the wilderness can inform general educational practices. I also got to spend time around many amazing educators who reminded me that learning is a lifelong adventure. I have had amazing opportunities to teach in a variety of unconventional ways, and am excited to see what the future brings.