Mick Miller – Teacher

Mick has been teaching outdoor skills in the Pacific Northwest since 2018.

A lifelong outdoors enthusiast, Mick learned much of what he knows from his parents: a backcountry guide and museum specialist. He draws on his Gaelic heritage, like stories of faeries and wild rovers, to inspire students with the magic of the outdoors. His history degree also serves to inform his education, drawing on the wilderness skills of peoples around the globe and across time. He is particularly passionate about the intersections between humans and nature, and the bushcraft culture common to all cultures around the globe.

Look out for his big hat, his hand made walking sticks, and his general excess of gear. A classic over-packer, Mick likes to be prepared for any and all lessons that might present themselves in the woods and wilds, believing these to be the most valuable ones. He’s eager to get out and share stories, skills, and excitement with new and seasoned adventurers alike! See you soon!