Afterschool Programming

We are excited to provide a stimulating alternative afterschool experience to those students interested in adventure. Students will be received from their schools at dismissal by a PEC educator and be escorted to a nearby public park – by foot or by motorized transport depending on accessibility – where they will get to participate in various activities proposed and facilitated by our staff. This program offers your student a healthy portion of autonomy while allowing the formation of new or strengthening of existing friendships from within their school, all supported by our host of experienced educators.

Activities could range from local naturalism and identification to boffer sword training and combat. Slacklining and field games are a good way to finish out the sunny months until herbal salve brewing and bladeless woodworking can be done, cozy, under shelter from the rain. We aim to provide the foundations of outdoor education from the comfort of your neighborhood playground.

Here is a list of the school at which we have existing pick-up infrastructure:

  • Ainsworth Elementary
  • Alameda Elementary
  • Beach Elementary
  • Beverly Cleary Schools
  • Chief Joseph Elementary
  • Rose City Park
  • Scott Elementary